Hear Say

The artist organisations Ting Shuo Hear Say and Women in Sound Women on Sound (WISWOS) have come together to create this call for three UK based women working in sound art and experimental music. These selected artists will be partnered with a female Taiwanese collaborator to create a track for publication on a compilation album in September 2021.

Sounding The Feminist Body

In 2018 Linda O Keeffe received funding from Arts Council England and Lancaster University to spend 7 weeks in Brazil with Prof Isabel Nogueira and Dr Rebecca Collins (Edinburgh College of Art) to explore merging the work of WISWOS with the gender research unit EGM at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre.

Research In A Box: Activating Women In Sound

‘Research in a Box’ is a loanable kit aimed at GCSE or A-Level school students that fits in with the appropriate curriculum and at the same time showcases resources used by researchers. The aim is to inspire the next generation of researchers and to aid in the transition of pupils from school to University.

The RIB box developed by WISWOS is called Research in a Box: Activating Women in Sound.

The loanable box contains a series of toolkits for would be noise makers to construct their own instrument, CDs of women composers and publications by female academics on sound and music technology, as well as open access live coding software to install on most operating systems.

The online tutorials feature women makers and composers presenting tutorial videos on instrument building - learning how to construct the noise maker in the box, the history of women in music technology, sound engineering, and an introduction to Sonic Pi, the live coding application in the box.

The online space also features interactive research spaces to explore the contribution of women authors to the fields of sound, music technology, audio arts, acoustics, music history, audio cultures, plus much more.

Linda O Keeffe & Rebecca Collins

The Box

The contents of the box are designed to support both teachers and students to develop research projects and engage in the practical application of the skills and techniques covered in the video tutorials.

Tutorial Videos

Click into this section to view our series of tutorials. Learn new skills and knowledge about sound and music technology. Learn at your own pace, watch and follow along with your tutors. We ask for some feedback to learn more about our visitors so please take a moment to answer some short questions.

Reading List

The Women In Sound / Women On Sound Reading List is an interactive dataset resource of written, sonic, and visual materials created about and by women whose work is related to sound and music technology. Launched in conjunction with the WISWOS Research in a Box project, the list serves as a resource for students, educators, and researchers. We want the list to be inclusive and representative of women’s work in and on sound from around the world.