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In order to expand the reading list it is necessary to reach out to the community to locate books, articles: journal or print, of women who have written in the fields of sound and music technology, but also on areas such as audio cultures, music, the sonic arts and acoustics. We feel it is also vitally important to propagate this list with female writers from around the world to highlight, where we can, academic contributions to these fields in whatever language and from all cultural backgrounds.

Our timeline and world map space are very visible indicators of where our authors are currently limited to, with contributors stemming primarily from north America and Europe. In order to widen this list we have created a form below where you can add to our list publications you feel should be there and/or your own publications. In order to make our history timeline view engaging to young researchers, as part of our Researching Women in a Box project, Researching Women in Sound, we would like the timeline to be visually dynamic. So if you can provide book cover images, links to audio/visual material etc., related to the publications you submit that would be very helpful.

Thank you for helping us.

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Copyright protection laws vary across regions and it is the submitter's obligation to ensure they are complying with fair usage guidelines for any hosted third party media connected to the publication.

WISWOS does not host any supporting media directly, it is therefore extremely important to ensure you maintain working links. In the interest of all and to ensure an engaging experience.

The WISWOS reading list team will make every effort to review and add your submission to the dataset in a timely manner. Missing information and/or broken links to supporting material may delay upload. Please ensure that all information is correct at the time of submission.