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Nina has always been interested in electronics, computers, and music making. She designs and builds electronic synthesiser modules that are sold around the world and used by some famous artists. Nina also makes her own music using synthesisers, including synthesiser modules that she makes herself.

Learning to Solder a Noise Maker

The battery-powered noisemaker consists of a PCB (printed circuit board), a small number of components, and a speaker. These are soldered together to complete the build.

The tutorial guides you through identifying and safely using the tools needed, including the basics of soldering components using a soldering iron, and the techniques used to get good solder joints. The step-by-step guide will help with identifying each part, and learning how to prepare and solder them to the PCB.

Based on a well-known circuit, the simple PCB was custom designed for beginners and has a small number of parts. Even though the circuit is simple, the finished result is an experimental sound-making instrument – a very basic synthesiser.

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