Tutorial 1 - Learning to Solder a Noise Maker

Note: The tools for this tutorial are in THE BOX

This tutorial teaches the basics of soldering to beginners, in the process of building a simple noise making circuit. It covers the basic tools and components needed to complete the build, along with the techniques involved in soldering. Once complete, the finished simple synthesiser can then be used to make experimental sounds by adjusting the controls.

Tutorial 2 - The British Female Pioneers of Experimental Sound

Discovering Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire

Eva Petersen has created this tutorial to introduce young women to her discovery of two amazing British pioneers of experimental sound, Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire. Both women ignited Eva’s fixation of experimental sound. Eva’s aim is to inspire young women to not only become involved in sound, but to have the confidence to take the lead.

Tutorial 3 - Live Sound

This series of videos on Live Sound is aimed to provide information about what a sound engineer does, basic concepts about Live Sound such as equipment and signal path, and to show what other women have achieved in the field and what they have to say about being a Sound Engineer.

Tutorial 4 - Live Coding with Sonic-Pi

In this series of tutorials Dr. Linda O'Keeffe introduces the concept of live coding with the application Sonic-Pi. Beginning with the basics of the layout within the environment and progressing with easy to follow-along examples. By the end you will be creating compositions using sample manipulation.